Concorso Internazionale di Idee “Piazza della Scala”



An entrant is a subject made up of one or more participants.
A group leader may belong only to the category of designer.
A group leader may not be changed.
An entrant must first register on the site by furnishing information such as:
first and last name, PEC email (1), password and acceptance of privacy clause.
During registration, a new entrant creates a unique identity code called the registration code.
The first and last names and PEC email indicated at registration are those of the group leader; this information may not be modified subsequently.
Participants added subsequently may belong to any category, but may never become the group leader.
Following the rules explained above, before proceeding with registration, in the case of group participation, it is important to identify the group leader and use his/her data for registration to obtain the registration code.
All communication between the Competition's web platform and the entrant shall take place using the group leader's PEC email.

(1) N.B.: for registering on the platform, use of certified email is not allowed, in that this type of mailbox is used exclusively for communication between Government and governmental agencies and the Citizen as a private citizen and not acting as a company or as a professional. See: Article 16 bis comma 5 of law number 2/2009.
At the end of registration, an email shall be sent to the PEC address indicated; said email shall contain the registration code to be used in all phases of the competition and a link to click to activate registration and guarantee the accuracy of the PEC email address used.
If the entrant does not receive an email for activation, he/she may request a re-send using the function of retrieve link for activation (recupera link di attivazione). The entrant must click on the link received in the email to complete registration.
The activation link has no expiration date.
After having clicked on the activation link, the entrant will be redirected to the Login page.
Retrieve password
In case of necessity, the entrant may fill out a form to retrieve a password (recupero della password), indicating the PEC email address and the registration code. The system provides for creating a new password and sending it to the PEC email address provided by the entrant.
The new password substitutes the old one indicated during registration and may not be changed; it is always possible to use the retrieve a password function (recupero della password).


Once registration is complete, the entrant can use the registration code and password to access the Reserved Area (Area Riservata) where all the functions needed to participate in the competition may be found.
The competition in one single phase:
  • The single phase, accessible to all registered participants, provides for transmission of Envelope A with personal data and Envelope B with the materials for design projects;
Participation in the competition provides for submitting a file made up of personal data (Virtual Envelope A) and design projects (Virtual Envelope B).
For the platform, the order in which the two Envelopes are prepared and completed makes no difference. For example, it is possible to add materials to Virtual Envelope B and subsequently complete the information in Virtual Envelope A or vice versa.

In the right-hand column on the site, each entrant always has at his/her disposal the status of completion for the two Envelopes.
To facilitate understanding, the system uses colored circles to indicate the status:

rosso Incomplete
giallo To be completed
verde Completed and confirmed

Only after having completed and closed the two Virtual Envelopes will it be possible to transmit the file, by the dates provided for by the competition.


Virtual Envelope A calls for providing personal data of the entrant whether single or in a group.
Personal Data for Entrant and Information of Other Participants
The platform asks that the group leader complete his/her own personal data by accessing the section VIRTUAL ENVELOPE A > list of participants and by clicking on the button modify your personal data.
The platform allows for creating a list of participants for each registered entrant.
These people may be defined by accessing the section VIRTUAL ENVELOPE A > list of participants, by clicking on the button create a new participant and completing the personal data sheet.
The platform requires that the following rules be followed:
  • The group leader must have registration number for the Professional Order
  • Each participant in the category "designer" must be inserted with his/her own number for registration in the Professional Order
After having completed the personal data sheets, it is necessary to load a file of each participant's identity card by accessing the section VIRTUAL ENVELOPE A > list of documents for participants and clicking on the button upload identity card in Virtual Envelope A.
It is furthermore possible, but not obligatory, to upload the file of an additional document for each participant, such as for example the authorization of a Company.
The platform allows for visualizing the uploaded documents by clicking on the button view of the line corresponding to the participant. If you wish to substitute a file for a participant, it is necessary to first eliminate the file by clicking on the corresponding delete button, and then upload a new file clicking on the button Upload identity card in Virtual Envelope A or Upload additional document in Virtual Envelope A.
The status of completion of personal data and PDF files for participants may always be viewed in the section VIRTUAL ENVELOPE A > list of participants.
Participant Management
Participants may be added, modified or removed at the discretion of the entrant; only the group leader may not be eliminated; moreover, the data entered regarding the group leader upon first registration may not be modified.
When a participant is eliminated, all his/her personal data and possible uploaded documents will be removed.
Confirmation of entrant's personal data and for other participants in a group
The platform requires specific confirmation of the data in Virtual Envelope A that has been inserted up to now in order to generate a summary document that the entrant must download and then complete, sign and upload.
When the information is complete and the identity cards of all participants have been inserted and uploaded in the section VIRTUAL ENVELOPE A > list of documents of participants, a button will appear Confirm participants' data.
To be able to proceed, you must click this button to complete insertion of data, after which it cannot be modified, and thus you may move on to the subsequent step.
Download documents to be signed
After having clicked the button Confirm participants' data, while still in the section VIRTUAL ENVELOPE A > list of documents of participants, the entrant must click the new button Download PDF of documents to sign to complete Envelope A in order to download the PDF file generated by the platform with all the documents needed in order to complete VIRTUAL ENVELOPE A.
In the PDF file, you will find in particular the following documents that are partially pre-filled in by the platform:
  • Application (to be filled out by group leader), made up of
    - personal data, company data and other declarations of the Group leader
    - personal data of the other designers if the entrant is represented by a group
    - definition of group leader with space for signature of the other designers participating if entrant is a group
    - personal data of collaborators and/or consultants
  • Self-declaration in substitution of affidavit, made up of
    - 3 pages for group leader, with space for signature
    - 1 page for each designer, if entrant is a group
  • Group data sheet with summary of data for group leader, for other designers if the entrant is a group, and for possible collaborators and/or consultants
  • Consent for treatment of personal data with space for signature
  • Text of law D.Lgs.163/06 - Art. 38
Upload signed documents
The entrant must download this file (declaration_participants.pdf), print it, complete the missing data, sign where it is indicated (group leader and other designers/collaborators/consultants), scan all the pages of the document (except for the text of the law D.Lgs. 163/06 – Art. 38) and upload the complete PDF by clicking on the button upload PDF of signed documents.
It is possible to view the uploaded document by clicking on the button view on the corresponding line. If necessary, for example if you realize that signatures are missing or some data is incomplete, you may eliminate the document by clicking on the button delete and uploading it again by clicking on the button upload PDF of signed documents. By uploading this file, VIRTUAL ENVELOPE A is complete, and ready for closure.


Virtual Envelope B requires that all documents specified in the competition notice be uploaded, specifically the panels and the report in PDF format.
It is necessary that a text summarizing the report be inserted using the specific button.
Upload documents required
The platform allows for uploading the design panels and the report by accessing the section VIRTUAL ENVELOPE B> list of materials.
On this page you can view the list of uploaded panels, reports in PDF format and the text summarizing the report.
For the platform, the order in which the panels, report and summary report are uploaded makes no difference.
The entrant must click the button upload panel to upload a panel on the page for uploading he/she must select the number of the panel he/she is uploading.
It is possible to view the uploaded panel by clicking on the button view on the corresponding line. If you wish to substitute a panel, it is necessary to first cancel it by clicking on the button delete on the corresponding line and uploading a new panel by clicking on the button upload a panel.
The same functions are available for the report.
As described above, it is important to understand that until the file is closed, it is possible to substitute many times the panels, report and summary text of the report.


The procedure for transmitting documents and materials in One Single Phase of the competition requires completion of Virtual Envelope A, Virtual Envelope B and subsequently closing the file.
To proceed to close the file and thus to transmit it, it is necessary that Virtual Envelope A and Virtual Envelope B be complete and in the giallo state. In this condition, the button confirm, close and send virtual file One Single Phase in the right hand column of the box CLOSE VIRTUAL FILE – ONE SINGLE PHASE will appear and in the section VIRTUAL ENVELOPE B> list of materials.
Once the procedure is ended, the entrant will receive an email with the date and hour of transmission of the File of One Single Phase at the PEC email address used for registration.
After having sent the file, the entrant will be able to consult the documents sent by accessing the Reserved Area.